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2011 - 2014

Does not fit 2015 models!


The best short throw
shifter for your MT-82 transmission


The only complete replacement shifter system that includes BOTH the lower and upper shift box and Rear support bracket!!

Hardened stainless steel reverse lockout pin and hardened lockout plate assembly replaces weak plastic OEM design. This shifter is built like a tank!!

  • Internal centering springs for perfect 2-3 shifts even under full load and power shifting!!

  • Lower shifter box uses support bushings that give 300 percent more support to linkage arm!!

  • Complete kit comes with custom inner dust boot, sound pads, heat pads and hardware.

  • 30 percent throw reduction makes for a perfect compromise in shifter throw and shifter smoothness

  • Does NOT interfere with reverse backup camera function.

NOTE: This is a VERY complex assembly and takes alot of time to machine, plate, heat treat, and assemble. We never have and never will rush our products and cut corners., If you want the BEST you need to appreciate the effort involved in producing this unit. We make limited CNC production runs every month. It may be only a few days up to even weeks to have your shifter shipped depending on where it falls in our production run so please be aware of this when ordering. If you would like to duscuss stock availability with us please call us at 706-793-1770.


(plus shipping and handling)

All shifters now come with heat shield.
Stainless-steel deluxe jam nut included in shifter at no extra charge.

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MGW Shift Knobs

Gripper Shift Knobs Mustang

MT-82 shifter is NOT compatible with stock BOSS 302 knob.
Please select a compatible knob below.

Description Quantity Price Shift Knob
MT-82 Mustang Shifter

MT-82 Mustang Shifter

Qty 385.00  
Shift Ball Gear Pattern

MGW Logo Shift Knob

Qty 25.00
Shift Ball MGW Logo

MGW Logo Shift Knob

Qty 30.00
Shift Ball Pony Logo

MGW Pony Logo Shift Knob

Qty 45.00
Shift Ball BOSS 302 Logo

BOSS 302 Shift Knob

Qty 45.00
Gripper Knob

MT-82 Mustang Gripper Knob

Qty 40.00
Race Knob
Qty 45.00
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