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Mustang Short Shifters

The MGW Shifter is protected by Utility Patent US 7,854,181 B2 by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Patent granted Dec 21, 2010.

T5/T45 T56
TREMEC 3550 TR3650
TKO 500/600

  • Each shifter boasts the shortest throw in it's class.
  • Absolutely the quietest aftermarket shifter you can buy.
  • 360° adjustability of the shift knob position means no more reaching for gears.
  • Centering springs are the strongest in their class. (No more missing 3rd gear)
  • Reduces "In Gear" slop, vibration and buzzing.
  • Fully Adjustable shifter stops to prevent broken or bent shift forks.
  • No modification of factory inner boot necessary.
  • Accepts Factory or aftermarket shift knobs with 12mm threads.
  • Class III Teflon Impregnated Hard Coat Anodized to prevent galling and grease contamination.

MGW Orange Short Throw Shifter

Our Handles are CNC Machined from aircraft grade aluminum and are mated with a high stress tempered threaded shaft exceeding grade 8 standards. You WILL NOT break these handles EVER. They are Guaranteed for life!!!

Included hardware, tools and gasket sealant.

MGW's Short throw shifter has 2 utility patent pending features that are not available on any other shifters.  First is the Sound Dampening system which makes for the quietest after market shifter available. Second is the 360° adjustable handle.  Add in that we have made this the shortest throw shifter available while using the highest quality materials.   We feel so strongly that this is the best shifter on the market that we are offering a life time guarantee against breakage.

*Which model shifter do I buy?:

1982-2004 V6 Mustangs T5/T-45
1982-2001 (Early) GT Mustangs T5/T-45 *
1993-1999 Cobra T5/T-45
2001-2004 GT Mustang 3650
2001 Cobra 3650
2003-2004 Mach 1 3650
2001-2002 Bullit 3650
2003-2004 Cobra T-56 6 Speed

* The Mustang GT in 2001 had both the T5/T-45 and 3650 Transmissions. Check your driver's door for a sticker and look under "TR" for a "K".  If you have a "K" then you have the 3650 Transmission.  If not order the T5/T-45.

MGW Short Throw Shifter

T5/T-45 Shifter
(plus shipping and handling)

Tremec 3650 Shifter
(plus shipping and handling)
T-56 Shifter
(plus shipping and handling)

TKO 500/600
(plus shipping and handling)
Tremec 3550 Shifter
(plus shipping and handling)

Description Quantity Shifter Type Price
T5/T-45 Qty
T-56 Shifter Qty
Tremec 3650 Qty
TKO 500/600 Qty
Tremec 3550 Qty
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